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Wolf Head Lamp Finial Brushed Nickel Base 2.75"h

Wolf Head Lamp Finial Brushed Nickel Base 2.75"h

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A new lamp finial is the perfect way to complete your new or favorite lamp. Quality finial that is sure to dress up your tired lamp. Finials have a standard 1/4"-27 thread, which will fit the harp on almost every lamp. (This means the opening is 1/4" wide and there are 27 threads per inch.) 95% of all lamp harps will fit this finial. Finial measures 2.75" Height and 2" width. Material:Metal Alloy with Brushed Nickel finish.
  • WOLF HEAD SHAPE - 2" width, 2.75" high wolf head lamp finial. Eerie yellow eyes show attention to detail for this lone-wolf finial. An eye catching design to top off your table or floor lamp.
  • BRUSHED NICKEL FINISH - Brushed Nickel finish will match most lamps.
  • PERFECT SIZE - Proportional sized to fit most standard table or floor lamps. Finial measures 2.75" Height and 2" width. Threaded at 1/4" wide opening, threaded for standard 27 threads per inch.
  • FUNCTIONAL - Secures your lampshade to standard table or floor lamp.
  • EASY TO USE - Easily screws on/off. Fits standard lamp harps that measure 1/4" wide with 27 threads per inch.


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What is a Lamp Finial?

lamp finial A lamp finial is a small decorative element which screws onto the top of a lamp. Typically used for table lamps, where the central post of the lamp has a screw thread on the top. The finial is often used to hold the lamp shade in place and keep it from wobbling. Why not make your lamp more exciting with a decorative lamp finial, or replace your old or missing finials with something more interesting. Tip: Consider the style of the lamp base when choosing a finial so that they might coordinate better.

European Style

Our European Style invokes a feeling of gathering with close friends in a French parlor, sipping espresso in an Italian Bistro, or traveling by carriage across the paved brick streets of Vienna. Similar to traditional style lighting, our European Lighting Style is highly ornate, and dedicated to elegant lighting designs embellished with sophisticated curves, iron clad scrolls, and nominal use of crystals or beaded ornaments.

Mounts to a Lamp

Fixes to the top of the post, on a table or floor lamp. Usually screwed into place.