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Satin Nickel Pendant Light with Empire Textured Oatmeal Slotted UNO Shade and Diffuser

Satin Nickel Pendant Light with Empire Textured Oatmeal Slotted UNO Shade and Diffuser

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The name Laura Ashley evokes thoughts of beautiful design, top level quality and classic style. Laura Ashley Home Lighting brings the distinctive style of Laura Ashley into your home with an impressive and well designed selection of lighting. Each piece embodies the core English influence of Laura Ashley’s world while bringing classical elegance to modern design.


    • Stylish Chalk Pink Finish in Attractive Barrel Shape
    • Made from high-quality Raw linen
    • Shade Measures 10" Top x 16" Bottom x 10" Slant Height
    • Hardwire pendant with sleek satin nickel design
    • Comes with everything you need: shade, diffuser, and pendant.
    • Includes 8 feet of wire for easy positioning


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    What is a Pendant?

    pendant Pendant lights hang from a ceiling and place strong light over an island, table or furniture. Often the light is aimed downwards to help with tasks, but also outward to provide ambient lighting. A central stem or chain usually supports a single shade, although it may also support multple light bulbs. Pendants work well for dining and sitting areas. They can also be used in a hall or foyer if there is head-room. They are installed electrically and operated by a wall switch, and can also function as a centerpiece.

    Pendant Benefits

    • Shines a stronger light onto a table or surface.
    • Can be used instead of chandeliers.
    • Work well in a row of 2 or 3 fixtures.
    • Ideal over a kitchen island or dining table.
    • Can be hung over or near to seating areaas.
    • Speads light outward in the lower half of room.
    • Can be hung overhead if enough headroom.
    • Adjustable height.
    • Over a table, the shade shields the eyes.

    Traditional Style

    Classic in nature, yet elegant by design best describes the timeless appeal of predictable yet dignified lines and curves. Traditional Style Lighting prides itself on stately structure, beautiful ornate details, and reliable designs that tell a story of enduring appeal and craftsmanship. It’s a tried-and-true style that is reliable, and speaks of discriminating and taste of a steadfast lifestyle.

    Ambient Centerpiece Lighting

    These hanging lights can form a centerpiece in any room, ideally positioned over a table, counter-top, kitchen island or in the middle of a larger room. They produce a lot of ambient light but also center the light below them. Great for dining rooms and living rooms or over a kitchen island. A larger number of light bulbs tends to produce more light and lights up the whole room.

    For which rooms?

    Pendants are ideal over a table or seating area. They work well in kitchens and dining rooms. But also can be useful in a living room, office, bedroom or guest room.


    Since pendants hang from the ceiling they'll shine most of their light at mid-level height. This may produce less ambient light in the upper part of the room. You may want to pair it with some lamps or closer-to-ceiling fixture to fill out the area.

    Mounts to the Ceiling

    Attaches to a flat ceiling. The provided decorative canopy covers up the electrical installation area.

    Installed by an Electrician

    An electrician or person with electrical installation knowledge will need to permanently wire the pendant light into the building's electrical supply.