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Percussion 13"H 1-Light Table Lamp Light Fixture Polished Chrome Finish by ET2

Percussion 13"H 1-Light Table Lamp Light Fixture Polished Chrome Finish by ET2

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Drums of brushed aluminum affixed to a gleaming chrome bar make a simple, yet bold statement in any room. Elevating the industrial look to an art form, these minimalist cylinders balance the masculine qualities of texture and scale with stylish lines and soft light from energy-saving fluorescent bulbs that resonate in any decor.
  • FINISH - Polished Chrome Finish offers a functional and aesthetically pleasing. It enhances the overall look and feel of the space while providing a warm and inviting glow.
  • DIMENSIONS - 13" Height x 11" Width x 10" Depth.
  • LIGHTING - 1 x 26 Watt Compact Fluorescent GU24 Bulb (included). LED bulbs recommended for energy-savings and long bulb life.
  • FEATURES - Energy-saving GU24 fluorescent bulbs helps to reduce energy consumption, lower costs, and contribute to a more sustainable future.
  • EASY ASSEMBLY - Plug in power source. All mounting hardware and detailed instructions are included for an easy installation. Safety Rating: Dry. Weight: 3.08 lbs.


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What is a Table Lamp?

table lamp A table lamp is a portable light which can sit on a side-table. Usually a light bulb is positioned above the lamp base and surrounded by a lamp shade. They plug into a regular wall socket and can be easily switched on or off while seated nearby. Light typically emits outward and downward to illuminate a local area, great for tasks, reading, crafts and hobbies. Ideally positioned next to seating, at the bedside, or in the corners of a room for a more ambient mood. Table lamps usually feature one or two light bulbs.

Table Lamp Benefits

  • Portable and can be moved to any room.
  • Take them with you if you move.
  • Makes for a wonderful gift.
  • Lights up a local area for reading etc.
  • Ideal next to seating or sleeping areas.
  • Great as a bedside lamp.
  • Position either side of a couch or bed.
  • Easy to switch on or off.
  • Shade diffuses and deflects light.
  • Adds a decorative touch to any room.

Task Lighting

Task lighting places a stronger light in one area of the room. Very good for tasks when you're sitting nearby. Most lamps can be used as task lights and can be quickly switched on when needed. Great for reading, crafts and hobbies. They also work well to light up one area of a room, e.g. on either side of a couch or in the corners of a room. Most of the light is directed downwards and out to the sides.

For which rooms?

All you need is some furniture to sit it on. Most useful as a bedside table lamp, but also as a living room table lamp. It may also work in a family room, home office or guest room, or to help light a basement.


A table lamp works well to light a nearby area, shedding light to the sides and below. You'll need one either end of a couch or either side of a bed, or in corners of a room. Table lamps can provide a medium-level of light, but you'll want some ceiling and/or wall lights for when you need the room to be brighter. Consider also a floor lamp to make the room brighter.

Mounts to Furniture

Can sit on top of any piece of flat furniture able to support the weight. The lamp sits on its base which is flat on the bottom. Ideally positioned on a side-table, nightstand, or other smaller furniture.

Plugs in

Plug the table lamp into a regular power outlet socket and switch it on.