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LED "Surface Wave" Alluring Curved Metal Wall Light 10"h x 16"w

LED "Surface Wave" Alluring Curved Metal Wall Light 10"h x 16"w

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Transform a boring flat wall by adding the alluring "Surface Wave" wall light. This creative architectural light mounts easily on any wall. The Surface Wave light is unlike anything you have seen before. A real "statement" light that will define any room. The unique curved wave design looks like a lampshade is emerging from your wall. Sure to attract your guest's attention and improve your room's "cool-factor". Long 12' thin white cord blends into the wall is designed to easily reach your outlet. 40" cord cover included. Cord dimmer lets you control the light level down to 10% power. The Surface Wave plugs in so you don't need to pay an electrician to install. Paintable metal surface so you can match your wall color to create a more seamless architectural wave. Easy to move or take with you when you leave, so perfect solution for apartments, dorm rooms, bedrooms, living rooms and rec rooms.
  • GRACEFUL WAVE: This creative wave light adds intriguing fun to any boring flat wall. Unique attractive curved wave design creates the illusion that a lampshade is emerging from your wall.   Dimensions 10"H x 16"W x 3.5" D
  • EASY DIY INSTALLATION: Easy 2 screw installation. Includes Integrated LED light strips, 12' white cord, 2 x 20" wall cord covers, 2 screws with wall anchors. Paintable metal surface so you can match your wall color for a more seamless illusion!
  • EXTRA LONG WHITE CORD: 12' thin 2 wire White Cord, with 2 prong plug. 40" cord cover included. Handy Dimmer on cord lets you adjust down to 10% power. Dimmer has memory so it turns on to the same light level you set when you turned it off. Dimmer is 35" from the plug. Tap for On/Off, Hold to dim.
  • ACCENT LIGHT - The Surface Wave light is an ACCENT lamp, designed to brighten a wall. It will add to the overall ambient light, but it is not really designed to light-up an entire room or for reading. LED STRIPS INCLUDED - 50,000 hr rated LED strips use only 15watts, yet emit 1,500 lumens of light, (which is the equivalent of a 100 watt incandescent bulb.); Light spectrum rating is 3,000 K, which provides warm light in the yellow range.
  • IMPRESS YOUR GUESTS: Every room needs a signature piece that visitors will notice. The "Surface Wave's" unique curved lampshade design will draw rave reviews. Brighten any dark wall quickly. Light attracts the eye and this unique wall light will attract lots of attention. Perfect for apartments, dorm rooms, family rooms, rec rooms and anywhere you need a creative wall lighting solution.
  • ETL APPROVED - Integrated LED light strips emit 1500 lumens and is fully dimmable. Built with ETL approved components, for years of safe and reliable service. Indoor use only.


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What is a Wall Sconce?

wall sconce Wall lights are mounted to an interior wall. Since they hug close to the wall, they can work well at the sides of a room or in a hallway. They support the room with extra ambient light and help to highlight the side areas of a room, such as near a seating area or side-table. One or two wall sconces in a room can help support a main light fixture and add extra atmosphere. A wall sconce is installed electrically and usually operated by a wall switch. Great for living rooms, dining rooms, bedrooms and hallways.

Wall Sconce Benefits

  • Stays out of the way of foot traffic.
  • Accents a wall and makes it interesting.
  • Lights furniture at the sides of the room.
  • Helps to complement central light fixtures.
  • Provides softer more relaxed moods.
  • Great for medium or larger rooms.
  • Adds an elegant touch in a dining room.
  • Works well in hallways and narrow rooms.
  • An alternative to bright overhead lights.

LED Technology

This item features an LED light bulb. An LED (light emitting diode) bulb includes multiple small electronic diodes which each emit bright light. Each LED light uses very little wattage compared to other types of bulbs. They last far longer, typically more than 20-30,000 hours (several years), while saving significantly on electrical bills. The light output is typically bright white. LED bulbs also produce far less heat than other bulbs. Choose LED lighting for the most modern lighting technology.

Modern Style

Contemporary and innovative, modern lighting underscores futuristic form and structure, and geometric or asymmetrical shapes. A modern lighting design instills functionality within an artfully streamlined form, radiating a reflective glow while providing clear and bright light. Modern Lighting complements a sleek, contemporary interior with straight lines, and can also create an agreeable contrast with transitional styles.

Ambient Background Lighting

Fixtures closely attached to a wall tend to produce more ambient background light. They might be used to support a more central light fixture or as a less elaborate central light. They can produce strong light near to where they are placed. Wall sconces and bathroom lights can add extra light to one side of a room where you need it.

For which rooms?

A wall sconce works well as a secondary light in a medium or larger room. Ideal for living rooms and dining rooms, family rooms, bedrooms and in a home office. They also are a good option for basements.


Wall sconces help to light the edges of the room, or to one side where you need more light. They may not provide enough light for the whole room, unless you only want medium light. You'd do well to pair them with a ceiling light fixture, or some lamps.

Mounts to a Wall

Attaches to an interior wall. The decorative backplate covers the electrical installation area.

Plugs in

Plug the wall light into a regular power outlet socket and switch it on.