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Charge Up A19 75 Watt Dimmable 5000K LED Light Bulb by Brilli (4 Pack)

Charge Up A19 75 Watt Dimmable 5000K LED Light Bulb by Brilli (4 Pack)

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Refreshing and bright, charge-up wellness light bulbs simulate the crisp clarity of morning sunlight, to naturally boost energy, focus, and attention. Research has shown that specific wavelengths of light have direct alerting and energizing effects that can improve focus, concentration, and performance. Charge uplight bulbs contain at least 3% light.
  • Single Unit Dimensions: 4.3" Height x 2.4" Width. Number of Bulbs: 4. Bulb Wattage: 11.5. Watt Equivalent: 75. Lumens: 1100. CRI: 90. Color Temperature: 5000K. The most comprehensive blend of visible and non-visible light available to improve mind, body, and mood.
  • Charge-up light bulbs naturally increase energy, focus, and alertness. Charge-up lights are ideal for home offices, kitchens, and bathrooms.
  • Easy to use, compatible with any standard lighting fixture, and does not require any special software. Dims down to 10%, and compatible with 90%+ of standard dimmers. Dims down to 5% and is compatible with over 90% of standard dimmers.
  • After just 2 weeks of use, 92% of charge-up users reported feeling more alert, and 86% reported feeling more energized
  • For best results, position charge up no more than 10 feet away so the light makes contact with your eyes, and begin to experience the feel-better benefits after just 20 minutes


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