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7x14x10.5 Round Soft Back Bell Lamp Shade Beige

7x14x10.5 Round Soft Back Bell Lamp Shade Beige

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Dolan Designs presents the Round Soft Back Bell Lamp Shade, featured in Beige Finish, creating a soft ambiance in the home
  • Beige Finish
  • Contemporary Style
  • Dimensions: 7" Top x 14" Bottom x 10.5" Slant Height
  • Spider: White with .5" Drop
  • The entire metal frame includes Dolans exclusive electrostatic Powder Coating, making your new shade easier to clean and resistant to rust, dirt and bacteria buildup. Dolan Designs environmentally-friendly powder coat process keeps your new shade from chipping, scratching or fading.


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What is a Lamp Shade?

lamp shade A lamp shade is a decorative shade which typically surrounds a light source. Table lamps and floor lamps often use a lamp shade. The shade itself serves multiple functions, directing light upwards for ambient light, and downwards for nearby tasks. The funnel shape also helps heat to escape from the light bulbs. Some light may diffuse through the sides of the shade as well. The shade also protects your eyes from light-bulb glare and can become a part of your room's decorative style. Replacement lamp shades are a great way to refresh a lamp or light fixture. They attach to the lamp usually with a harp or fitter and finial.

Lamp Shade Benefits

  • Directs light upward and downward.
  • Diffuses light through the sides.
  • Directs heat to escape safely.
  • Adds a decorative touch to the room.
  • Breathes new life into an old lamp.
  • Refreshes the look of your lamp.
  • Shields your eyes from bulb glare.
  • Help direct light for tasks and reading.
  • Coordinate with your room decor.

A Bell-Shaped Shade

A bell-shaped lampshade has a fluted design and curved sides, similar to the shape of a bell. The gentle curves can be aesthetically pleasing. The wider bottom helps more light to spread out downwards and sideways, such as for reading or nearby activities. The smaller top helps to funnel bulb heat away from the lamp. Bell shades coordinate well with a lamp base featuring a curved surface or profile.

Mounts to a Lamp

Sits on top of a harp or fitter, which is typically attached to a floor or table lamp. Spider-fitter shades sit on top of a harp fitter (a separate item). Uno fitter shades sit below the bulb with the uno fitter above. Clip-on shades clip directly onto the light bulb.