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Mini Pendants

Discount and overstock Mini-Pendant Lights are a great "mood-changer" that can transform your room and focus the attention where it belongs. Pick an art-glass mini-pendant to attract attention to the light. A darker or opaque pendant will draw the eye to the counter or table below. Mini pendant light fixtures put the light where you need it. Don't be afraid to make a bold color statement with your new Mini-pendants. Small pendants are perfect for over a counter, bar or anywhere you need hanging lights.

Feiss OPEN BOX 8"w Merritt 1-Light Pendant Black

$38.97  $64.00 2 left!
Free Shipping SAVE 39% 

Quorum OPEN BOX Winslet 1-Light Pendant Antique Flemish

$40.97  3 left!
Free Shipping SAVE -2% 

Feiss OPEN BOX 7"w Perry 1-Light Pendant Heritage Bronze

$60.00  $100.00 1 left!
Free Shipping SAVE 40.0 % 

Quorum OPEN BOX 5"w 1-Light Pendant Satin Nickel with Aqua

$64.97  $107.00 1 left!
Free Shipping SAVE 39% 
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