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Kichler takes pride in transforming light into beautiful, functional works of art. Their designers travel the world to discover the latest trends in interior and exterior style, colors and design. Then they translate the best of those trends into fixtures that will bring beauty, pleasure and light into your home to stand the test of time in both quality and design. The result is distinctive fixtures that help you express your personal style, taste and personality - whether it's casual, contemporary, urban or traditional. And to make it easy for you to decorate your entire home, they offer lighting in family collections. Kichler Lighting – Giving you a better way of lighting your world is not just their job, it’s their passion.

In 1954, Sam Minoff bought a little lighting company owned by Leonard Kichler. The former owner made Minoff promise not to change the name of his precious company. Kichler Lighting had a well established reputation for commitment to excellence since 1938. With a handshake, the deal was sealed, and Sam Minoff accepted the responsibility of building a better light bulb… or at least better lighting fixtures. The rest was history. With honesty, quality and loyalty, these were the pillars that built a better company, and Minoff was deeply committed to these values.

Kichler Lighting became one of the world’s leading decorative lighting companies. Kichler Lighting earned and won four ARTS Lighting Manufacturer of the Year Awards, and also a distinctive honor in the halogen-warm world of decorative lighting. Sam Minoff also was greatly honored by becoming a member of the Hall of Fame and the inaugural winner of the Arts Lifetime Achievement Award.

It is no wonder that Kichler is always on the top of the list. When it comes to reliability and awe-inspiring works of dedication and supreme art, Kichler is the name that commands respect. The company has a dedicated team of designers and experts who are tasked to travel around the globe searching for the latest trends, designs, styles, colors and lighting breakthroughs. If Kichler has not yet achieved perfection, then it is constantly on a quest to achieve it. If you believe your home needs top-of-the-line and truly reliable lighting, then Kichler will help you get there, without a doubt. Lamp Deals is honored and ready to introduce you to an abundant collection of Kichler lighting products for all your home lighting needs.

Kichler Lilah 3-Light Antique Pewter Pendant

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Kichler Monroe 8-Light Sterling Gold Chandelier

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Kichler 8-Light Mini Pendant Weathered Zinc

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Kichler 39"w 2-light Fluorescent Wall Bracket White

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