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Since 1922, Hinkley Lighting has been driven by a passion to blend design and function in creating quality products that enhance your life. Hinkley is continually recommended by interior and exterior designers, available now at LampsUSA. We pride ourselves in delivering superior customer service that is second to none. Enjoy our great selection of ceiling lighting, outdoor lighting, wall lighting and bathroom lighting.

For a company that has started since 1922, the name Hinkley has long been on a steady driven pace fueled by passion to perfect function and design while creating countless masterpieces that will surely make your life brighter. With a diverse collection available in Lamp Deals, Hinkley Lighting is sure to satisfy your every whim and desires when it comes to illuminating your homes with style.

Be delighted with our attractive wall lighting, outdoor lighting, ceiling lighting and invigorating bathroom lighting selections. Hinkley is steadily favored by numerous interior and exterior designers worldwide. By continually maintaining superior customer service that is quite unparalleled in the business, how could anyone not love this name? A name that is synonymous to great quality and excellent service.

Hinkley OPEN BOX 26"h Windsor 3-Light Wall Outdoor Black

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Hinkley OPEN BOX 9"w Congress 1-Light Mini Pendant Chrome

$107.97  $179.00 1 left!
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Hinkley OPEN BOX Woodland 5-Light Pendant Chestnut Bronze

$229.43  $779.99 1 left!
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