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Dolan Designs

Dolan Designs

Dolan Designs uses Pacific Northwest inspiration to create some of the finest styles and finishes available in home lighting today. Dolan Lighiting lets you easily create a distinctive look for your home. Dolan is famous for simple, clean and linear styling to complement, (not overwhelm) your present decor. Dolan Designs Lighting produces an impressive array of residential lighting for your needs.

Our collection of indoor and outdoor lighting fixtures allows you to create various distinctive styles for your home. Clean, classic, simple and impressive designs that complement various decorating styles are the specific traits found in each Dolan Design creation. You can expect meticulous detail and high quality in each product, characteristics that are common among expensive and majestic collections. So what is special with this particular brand? It looks and feels expensive but you don’t have to burn your pockets.

Lighting fixtures created from computer-aided designs meticulously handled by a team of engineers who ensure that Patrick Dolan’s initial vision and standards are carried out and maintained. Be sure to look out for the vibrant collection of indoor lighting with deep old world iron finish with a touch of elegance that Dolan Designs are famous for.

How about finding various elaborate and elegant flowing designs that clearly exude a refined feminine quality for your homes? Simply beautiful collections of charming indoor lighting with a Renaissance feel are yours to cherish and adore. With superb craftsmanship and elegant beauty worthy of royalty, is there any reason why you should not have one in your home?

Dolan Designs OPEN BOX Donegal 2-Light Pendant

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Dolan Designs OPEN BOX Hayworth Mini Pendant Vista

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Dolan Designs OPEN BOX Albany 1-Light Wall Sconce Tucson

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