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Golden Lighting

Golden Lighting

Golden Lighting designs and makes high quality, high fashion residential lighting fixtures & accessories. Since 1983 Golden has built a reputation on delivering value and have carefully crafted an extensive range of product collections designed to simplify your light buying decision and complement every room in your home. From chandeliers to bath vanities, to wall sconces to pendants to outdoor lighting, let Golden Lighting fulfill all your home-lighting needs.

Our customers love Golden Lighting for 2 reasons.  First their STYLE is right on.  Golden's design team obviously sweats the details. So our customers are reassured that if the tag says Golden, they don't need to worry about a light going out of style or getting a design that will seem incongruent. When you look at the Golden Echelon collection or the Golden Accurian collection, you will see exactly what I mean.
Secondly, customers love to save money. Especially today we are seeing people do more price comparisons. Which is good for Golden because their light fixtures provide some of the best value lightng sold at

High quality residential lighting products and accessories are continually being manufactured by Golden Lighting for the past 26 years. Built on a solid reputation of superb value and meticulously crafted products designed to enhance and complement every room in your home. Chandeliers, wall sconces, pendants and outdoor lighting, these are but a few samples of what this company can produce.

Lighting product aficionados have always found the Golden Lighting collection an authentic delight. Able to add a touch of class to your interiors easily, the lighting fixtures are sure delight for your eyes. Shopping for the best lighting fixtures nowadays is no easy task, even for connoisseurs.

With time tested fine indoor and outdoor lighting collection to choose from, you will surely see the pot of gold at the end of the rainbow! When you demand high quality lighting while considering your budget, Golden lighting will take you there. Not everything that glitters is gold, but with Golden lighting, your rooms will glitter splendidly without even costing a single bar of gold.

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