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Ya Vol, Framburg retains the German precision & engineering spirit, yet has been designed and handcrafted in the United States since 1905, longer than any other company. Framburg is recognized throughout the world for our designs and workmanship. You will find Framburg fixtures in the world's finest homes.

Framburg is a well known company that manufactures superior chandeliers for a long time. With top class designs that always leave a mark behind. Its products continue to add a touch of royalty to many parts of your home. Framburg continues to provide good value for your money and customer satisfaction for many long years. It is also a notable trendsetter when it comes to chandeliers, wall sconces and bathroom lighting specials. Their product line comes in all kinds of price ranges to suit many customer specifications and budget.

Framburg is able to offer buyers to take pride in their purchases. Classic and traditional indoor and outdoor lighting fixtures are yours to choose from. If you are one who appreciates design integrity, craftsmanship, and numerous custom designs, then you will love this brand.

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